About Us

After installing a sophisticated Building Automation System in a four story brick building in Connecticut, we found we had less control but more cost to achieve comfort. We thought – why isn’t there a smart, affordable solution that makes it easier for light commercial buildings to manage comfort and savings?

After a little digging we were faced with more frustration – why are all the technology solutions impossible to understand? Why is there so much hidden cost?

So we decided to build the solution we were looking for.

At Cognition Controls we believe that technology is powerful and can help reduce energy consumption in the built environment, but to do so the same technology must also manage the very human and subjective challenge of comfort.

We have a deep understanding of the short-list of variables that impact comfort and energy consumption in our target buildings. With focus and a software-first approach, we have maximized the affordability and compatibility of our solution.

We have a deep appreciation for the human need to control the spaces in which we work, build, shop, eat, and play. With a user-first mindset, we have developed an intuitive, everyday tool for HVAC Professionals, Property Managers and Tenants.

We’re excited for the broad impact we can have and the opportunity to be a partner in your comfort and energy journey.