Our Approach

Managing your HVAC investment effectively requires tools, insights and alerts for HVAC Pros, Property Managers and Tenants.

Cognition Controls is your convenient, intelligent, easy to use solution to balance comfort and savings.


User-friendly tools and insights you can access and adjust from anywhere to remove the effort of managing comfort across buildings, tenants and 
HVAC equipment.

The Cognition Dashboard is designed for insights at a glance. Summary views make it easy to quickly check in on your portfolio of buildings and navigate to problem areas. Intuitive comfort controls make it easy to manage challenging areas with more specificity, while enabling bulk changes.

All Dashboard features are available on your smartphone to quickly identify issues and take action. Review historical runtime data alongside indoor and outdoor temperatures, compare runtime across building zones, track progress toward equipment maintenance milestones, or update notes about tenant preferences.


Enhance communication between HVAC Pros, Property Managers and Tenants with Equipment notes. Upload equipment pictures, log tenant issues, and document equipment maintenance and work with time and date-stamped notes that improve information management and sharing.


Intuitive at-the-wall device interface that enables the tenant to maximize comfort, while providing Property Managers with useful permissions controls remotely.



Data-driven insights and alerts that help you save. Get ahead of maintenance needs and equipment issues, and identify and track energy savings.

Cognition automatically analyzes equipment past performance to identify degradations in performance and alerts you to issues, helping to avoid expensive equipment emergencies.

Save 20%+ on HVAC energy use with insights and alerts that identify opportunities to save, and tools and built-in intelligence to take action.

Understand how your buildings behave with comparative visuals to identify problem areas and tailor preventative maintenance to focus on the equipment that needs it, at the right time.

Cognition constantly reviews the equipment and comfort data from your building and compares it against past performance to understand the small adjustments to be made to enhance comfort in an energy efficient way.

Easy to Use

Designed for low effort and high value at every step, from quick installation to easy everyday use.

Cognition is compatible with most 24V HVAC systems, creating immediate value without the need for expensive building or equipment modifications.

Manage user permissions effortlessly from the dashboard to ensure the right people have access to the right information and controls to maximize comfort and savings.

Designed for quick install, Cognition uses the same screw holes, wiring and relays as most existing thermostats. Configure and connect in minutes from your smartphone without the need for software or IT experts.

Cognition is your partner to save on HVAC energy use while creating comfort. Should you run into any issues, or need more guidance for users we are here to help.