Designed for HVAC Pros


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5 min.

Initial Install


HVAC Energy Savings


We know you're busy

To lighten the workload of HVAC professionals and help increase their client satisfaction, we offer remote access to crucial data like runtime, temperature, schedules, and comfort ranges. This eliminates on-site visits, allowing for superior customer support, streamlined troubleshooting, and improved service delivery.

Benefits for HVAC Pros
Proactive alerts and reminders to detect equipment degradation and prompt maintenance.
Equipment Notes feature streamlines job execution and reduces re-inspections.

Easy installation with no complex instructions, and a user-friendly dashboard.


You control installation and end-customer monthly pricing.


Data at your fingertips to better support customers and understand their HVAC equipment and buildings: historical runtime, internal/external temperatures, schedules, and comfort ranges.

Proactive email notifications when Cognition detects equipment issues, and reminders for regular equipment maintenance such as an air filter change.

A dedicated place to manage customer equipment information: floorplans, equipment images, wiring information, serial numbers, and notes from site visits.

No need to read complicated instructions or engineering manuals. Our devices are 24V system compatible and use the same screw holes and wiring as standard equipment. This makes installation quick and easy without the hassle of custom installations.


HVAC Pros are empowered to control subscription pricing with end customers. At scale, Cognition can help provide a consistent and meaningful stream of revenue.