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Heating/Cooling Cost Savings

We know it’s challenging to manage a building

With the Cognition dashboard it is easy to provide tenants with control of their comfort while monitoring equipment wear and tear. With building HVAC energy savings of 20% or more, Cognition is your partner to track and achieve energy savings across your portfolio. 

Benefits for Property Managers
Prevent HVAC equipment failures and high capital expenses with our proactive alerts on equipment degradation and routine maintenance.
Helps property owners lower operating expenses and achieve CO2 emission reduction targets.
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User-friendly controls offer easy management
of their comfort.
Bar Chart
Gain valuable insights through data-driven conversations, improving the overall tenant experience and enabling prompt resolution.


Reduce HVAC energy consumption by 20% or more with intuitive comfort controls you manage, and built-in Cognition intelligence.

Check-in on your buildings from anywhere, quickly. Thoughtful design focuses your attention where it’s needed.

Proactive equipment degradation and maintenance alerts help to extend equipment life and avoid major failures and disruptions.

Tools for tenants to manage their comfort, data and insights for property managers to better understand how tenants impact equipment usage, wear and tear and energy use.