R&D Labs Case Study


Single Story Office with Customer and R&D Labs

Square Footage:

10,000 SF




Rochester, NY


Healthcare startup with open concept office space, customer test lab, R&D lab and meeting rooms. Programmable thermostats controlling roof top equipment with single and two-stage heating and cooling.

  • Temperature fluctuations from sun exposure
  • Customer Test Lab and R&D Lab significant hot/cold issues
  • No ability to manage four meetings rooms controlled by single thermostat.

Cognition Install:

Hassle-free Cognition Controls install with flexible wireless sensor pairings in hot/cold trouble spots. Energy and equipment data in the Cognition dashboard for troubleshooting from anywhere.
Results Summary:
  • +30% HVAC energy savings vs. 72 hold from intuitive comfort controls, including Schedule Exceptions feature to pre-set office holidays for savings
  • Identified air flow problem in Customer Test Lab based on real-time zone data; remedy was dampener review and opening
  • Comfort across meeting rooms by using sensors to more capture comfort across the spaces and determine the correct comfort action
  • Reduced R&D Lab temperature fluctuations by managing the space using wireless sensors, optimizing the use of specialized lab equipment sensitive to temperature

“We had two areas that were always too hot or too cold. We used Cognition Controls’ historical data to troubleshoot what was happening, which led us to adjust the vents in one area.”

“We also used their wireless sensors to better manage these spaces. Both are now as comfortable as the rest of our building – as evidenced by a significant reduction in complaints from the employees in those areas!”

Energy Savings:
  • From Oct 26/22 to Mar 20/23, +25% energy savings across all spaces, including tricky Sit Lab space where comfort was difficult prior to installing sensors.
  • +30% savings when removing Sit Lab from data. Intuitive controls help lock-in comfort and maximize savings during unoccupied times with automatic temperature sloping to occupied range.