Simplicity meets Smarts

Cognition Controls is cloud-based building intelligence software that saves energy, saves time, and lowers cost. Affordable, quick to install, works with existing HVAC equipment, and no IT networking required.

Purpose-built for your building

Cognition is built for light commercial, retail and industrial spaces, combining a deep understanding of the variables that impact HVAC equipment use, with an appreciation for the nuance of human comfort. Cognition tools, insights and alerts help HVAC Pros, Property Managers and Tenants achieve comfort while reducing energy use and equipment wear and tear.

Benefits for

Increase Productivity

Proactive alerts and equipment notes
to improve labour allocation.

Lower Effort
5 minute device install, Cognition
manages ongoing customer dashboard questions.
Engage Customers

Tools for greater control of comfort
and 20%+ energy savings.

Benefits for
Property Managers​

Reduce Energy Use​
Save 20% or more on HVAC
energy use with intuitive tools.
Manage Remotely​

Tools and insights at your fingertips
for decision making from anywhere.

Tenant Comfort

The right level of tenant access
with permissions you control.

Case Studies​

Legal Office Case Study

15% reduction in HVAC equipment energy use from tools to maximize unoccupied time and range. Equipment Issue Intelligence identified two equipment issues over 6 months. Root cause of both was rooftop HVAC equipment control board failures.

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Single Story Office Case Study

From October 26, 2022 to March 20, 2023, the HVAC equipment runtime minutes totalled 47,091. When compared to a 72 degree hold, this is a ~38% decrease in runtime. The majority of the decrease was from the front hallway equipment, which operated ~15x more than the open space.

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